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I missed the bond, the trust and the camaraderie with my patients and I applied to join the Irish Cancer Society night nursing team in Mayo. This type of nursing was different to the acute setting I had worked in for many years. It is home-based and relies on excellent support from the local palliative care teams, public health workers, GPs and, most importantly, family involvement. It involves everyone working together to do what the patient wishes, as they reach end of life in their own home. For patients who are suitable for palliative care at home, a night nurse offers one-to-one care, a listening ear, and support for the wider family unit.

Nurses often arrive when the family are frightened, fatigued and heavy-hearted about what may be ahead. Peace and time together are good medicines for an aching heart. A nurse will look out for an appropriate moment to allow a family member to be "the only one in the room" with their loved one. This time is very soothing, and often provides opportunities that allow individuals to speak and heal in the quietness of their home. Night nurses are often the link between the living and the dying: as we hold the hand of the dying, we also hold the hand of the grieving family as they prepare to let go of one another.

National Union of Healthcare Workers endorses Bernie Sanders for president

The family have the time to share tales of life before illness and that's when I get a glimpse of this someone who is loved and cherished, who had dreams, hopes and plans. In the wee hours of the morning, we are the skilled companions to our patients and we listen to their story, for storytelling connects us and we are keepers of that story.

In my patients' homes, I often try to see a photograph taken in the fullness of their health - this is the memory I hold, as I find it helps to visualise the person being whole again. We share the darkness and relate to patients with our touch, our nursing skills and pastoral care. Sometimes we support even beyond that; we are often the first to share in the rawness of a terminal illness and bear witness to the grief and anger that can strip us as humans… but in that nakedness is our humanity and that is the core of nursing.

I know the value and comfort of companionship to the sick, and many nights I have had the company of dogs and cats as they keep silent vigil by their beloved master while maintaining a watchful eye on me, 'the stranger' in their home.

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With diversity of cultures and religions in Ireland, I have witnessed many different rituals and customs within families, but have found the common denominator to be love, kindness and an overwhelming desire to do right by their loved one. Through this work, I have seen ordinary people do extraordinary things to help their loved one die at home.

I have witnessed heartbreaking situations and marvelled at the best and most beautiful things in life that have touched my heart, and I have been in the presence of courage, truth, reconciliation and decency. People often say, 'I could never do your job', but for me, this is no job - this is my privilege. See www. Q A year ago I had investigations done for a lump in my breast that ended up with me being discharged from the BreastCheck service, after a few follow-up ultrasounds to check on the calcification of the breast.

Two separate consultants said they were not worried about the lump. I never had a biopsy. The lump is still there - quite noticeable as it's about the size of a 5c piece, but mobile and I Barbara Brown will never understand why some people won't stop and take two minutes to put on their sun protection factor SPF before going outdoors at this time of year. Arlene Harris At 21 years of age, she had her whole life ahead of her.

Training to be a chef, Gemma Willis, from Tullow in Co Carlow, was on the cusp of becoming qualified while working as pastry chef in a I suppose 'peak narcissist' came, for me, when my year-old recently said it about someone he knows. Daffodil Day: 'Ordinary people do extraordinary things to help their loved one die at home' Bernie Byrne is a cancer support nurse with the Irish Cancer Society night nursing team, Mayo Bernie Byrne. Bernie Byrne March 22 PM. It's up to other people to determine for themselves whether and how much, how core it is for them. I will let other people decide for themselves how they'll go about it.

Much like Sanders has on the stump, Shakir predicted a sharp and expensive fight with private insurance interests to come. At the Wednesday rally in Washington, Gillibrand, the only cosponsor in attendance, said that universal, government-guaranteed coverage needs "to become the next social safety net, to become something that is there for you no matter what. The New York senator, who has supported single-payer for more than a decade and wrote the Sanders legislation's four-year transition plan, said the path to building support for the bill could be greased by allowing Americans to first buy-in to a government-run public option -- a move, she argued, that would ultimately wipe out the private insurance industry.

They won't," Gillibrand said. They are a for-profit industry. Their goals are not aligned with ours. Booker, who was not at the rally, also discussed the bill -- and the roadblocks facing it in Congress -- during a New York radio interview. He has not discussed in detail his plan for moving it through a Senate in which Democrats lack that vote supermajority.

In a divided Congress, the legislation would likely be dead on arrival. Soon after Sanders' announcement, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders offered another preview of the pushback awaiting Democratic candidates who back Medicare for All.

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In addition to Sanders, Gillibrand and the other three presidential hopefuls, the bill's cosponsors also include Sens. A number of them, like the five candidates, have also signed on to less radical bills, some of which would create a Medicare buy-in system or expand previously existing programs. The legislation would go further than Sanders' previous plans by covering more long-term care services, bringing it closer in line with a broader House version sponsored by Washington Democratic Rep.

Pramila Jayapal. Nursing home and other institutional coverage would still fall to Medicaid under the new bill, as it had before, while long-term care at home and in the community would be expanded. Apart from its new measures to cover long-term care, much of Sanders' proposal remains the same as what he introduced in He wants to create a federal universal health insurance program that would cover medically necessary services, prescription drugs, dental and vision services.

Though many of his rivals have said they would maintain a role for private insurance, Sanders' bill would effectively eliminate the industry. Insurers would only be allowed to provide services not covered by the universal plan, such as cosmetic surgery. As for how to foot the bill, Sanders describes a litany of ways Americans are already spending billions on health care, particularly because of high administrative costs, executive pay packages and prescription drug prices.

Loved One Nursing Home

He maintains that Medicare for All, despite its cost, would save many people money. The new legislation also lists several ways to raise additional funds, including levying premiums on workers and employers; boosting income and estate tax rates; and establishing a wealth tax. The decision to extend coverage for home- and community-based long-term care was predicated on a need to help the elderly and the disabled, while extending care to rural communities, Shakir told CNN. Login Sign Up.

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