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Gaming Literacies 1 ML2 Working Papers. Today, the members of the Literacies in Second Languages Project come together as a Legion, as a community of brothers and sisters learning to do research, as a group of teachers who believe in making a better world for those behind us, to share with the qualitative inquiry QI world the blueprint for what QI means to us and how we see ourselves doing research in the near future. This is a collective effort, we all believe in this and, as long as we are members of LSLP, we will work together even if we sometimes do not agree with everything we all say to reach these goals.

If we intend to define QI, we will define it loosely to grasp its diversity across different types of studies and contexts. We believe that using key terms such as interpretive, experiential, situational, and personalistic is a good starting point.

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  • We also see QI is a catalyst to read, study, and analyze known and unknown phenomena in social fields in order to understand them. We consider QI is a multiverse that both makes visible the invisible and invites researchers not to take what they encounter at face value. QI is a curious vision of the world that validates important societal topics and that will lead us to a deeper understanding of the things we love and hate.

    It is about comprehending human beings from multiple realities, including those that the researchers bring with them.

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    • It means to go beyond and more deeply into what things look like. QI allows the researcher to be a significant part of the entire research enterprise, mainly in the data collection, which gives them more responsibility to interpret the findings. Since QI, in many ways, entails eating, drinking and breathing research, we, as Legion, are willing to eat but never be satisfied, drink but never get drunk, and breathe until our lungs expire. QI is our tool and our craft. But, we must remember that we will need to read and discuss more before reaching any definitive conclusions or definitions about it.

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      Also, if we think about QI as a way of seeing the world from different perspectives, we must acknowledge the varying degrees of truth and be willing to appreciate all these variations. However, we are also aware that such variations cannot simply be the end-result of unsubstantiated or unsupported opinions. Evidence, information, multiple sources, multiple readings always need to be the basis for the ideas we bring to the table. Doing QI without knowing what it is, theoretically speaking, is good. However, we also believe there needs to be a trial period for discussing theory and research as something rigorous and serious, an exercise that requires effort, teamwork, time, interest, responsibility, and courage.

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      As a Legion, we commit ourselves to work from and in the margins of research, always willing to learn and take risks. We believe that any efforts to conduct QI entail dynamism, commitment, as well as integrating different branches and approaches to it. Isolation is not a good strategy to conduct powerful QI. New ways of seeing the world imply new ways to show the world what we see.

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      Here are just some of positive use cases for developing one:. We have worked with our client to develop a number of Sales Enablement Charters typically as part of a wider project to help them establish Sales Enablement within their organisations. To give some context, below is an example of a charter, for obvious reasons this has been anonymised:.

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