Living the Prayer Fulfilled Life

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You need people who will stay despite your shortcomings. You are ashamed of yourself because you think that you are not worthy to be loved and appreciated. Your skin color is beautiful and your scars are part of your journey. You are born like that because you are special. Your differences make you unique, so you should own your individuality. If you are going to get rid of it, how would people distinguish you? Everything happens for a reason and the reason is that you deserve much better. It will stop you from accepting your strengths and weaknesses as a person.

If you will change your focus, you will discover that small things could actually make you smile. You are what you are dreaming of. So, if you choose to give up on your dreams, you are also giving up on yourself. Consider the rejections you encounter as lessons and not as failures. Learn to trust yourself and you will surely make it. You are beautiful in your own way.

The people who told you that you are not might also be like you. Be a good person and let your personality and attitude speak up for yourself. Forget the notion that your weakness is the reason why you fail. In fact, you can make it as one of your strengths. You have so many blessings in your life but you fail to notice them. The mantras that you will create should make it easier for you to tap into your true spirit and self.

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Problems are necessary to help you grow as an individual. Whether you like it or not, you need to face the dilemmas that life is giving you. How you direct your life has an important role on how your life would end up. The challenges you encounter allow you to discover the real you.

Living the Prayer Fulfilled Life by Earma Brown

How you deal with each problem says a lot about you as a person. Comparing yourself to others is like comparing an apple to an orange. It is these choices that the Bible defines as sin. We miss the mark when we live any other way than in unity with God. Sin is not a recent phenomenon.

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When Adam and Eve chose to disobey God, they chose their own version of life and thus sinned. They traded in the truth of God, His perfect mark, and instead bought into a lie of independent living that could never fulfill its false promise of freedom.


As we see and experience now, this life apart from God turned out to be not life at all but instead brokenness. It is similar to that of a child who desires the freedom to run into traffic. Romans explains this in spiritual terms: "For the wages of sin is death. This is what is often understood as hell. However, these negative consequences affect our experience of life here on earth too, causing brokenness and in a very real sense, spiritual death.

And so we have our world, a series of hit and runs, where we run freely to gain freedom, but end up hitting walls of painful consequences. The life that Christ offers us is spiritual life. It is here that we can leave behind empty lives of striving and instead experience satisfied lives that are full of purpose and meaning. However, God desires life for us to such a great extent that He made a way through Christ for us to have that life restored. The second half of Romans tells us that though "the wages of sin is death, the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

John is also another popularly quoted passage in the Bible, and it is so for a valid reason. It tells us that "God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

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He was able to live a life in perfect unity with God because He lived it in perfect obedience to Him. Unjustly, Christ was crucified on the cross, a perfect God sacrificed to cover the wages of sin we deserve. At the same time Christ is able to welcome us into life because He Himself did not stay surrendered to death. Three days after Christ died on the cross, he rose again, resurrected to life.

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This requires us to confess to God that we have chosen to live apart from Him, and to commit to live a life dedicated to Him. He must not only be the guide or Lord of our lives, but also our Savior from spiritual death and slavery to sin. Happiness is one of the many emotions that we have been given by God and we can accept it as one of His good gifts. However, like any other emotion it is dependent on circumstances and can quickly vanish.

God may not guarantee us constant happiness when we begin a relationship with Him, but He does promise to be an ever-flowing source of joy. Joy knows and reminds us that our security is in our restored relationship with God and the eternal life He has promised us. It comes with knowing God and is based on His faithfulness. If you are, the final step is a prayer asking God to come into your life and to make you the person He wants you to be.

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Prayer is just talking to God. There is no right or wrong way to do it. God is not concerned about the words that you choose. He cares about the state of your heart.

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Jesus, I want to know you personally. I know that I am a sinner and that nothing I could do can make up for that.

Thank you for dying in my place and paying the price for my sin. Thank you for forgiving me. I know that you love me and that I will spend eternity with you. I want you to be my Savior. Come into my life and take control, make me the person you want me to be. Does this prayer express the desire of your heart? If it does, pray this prayer right now, and Christ will come into your life, just as He promised.