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Posters now available through CafePress! I used to create quite a bit of video content, before falling prey to the current censorship sweep. But you can still find some of my videos on BitChute , and others on Vimeo. I occasionally livestream on D Live.

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Davis M. In the following video I discuss: The series of coincidence which led to Pepe, and his apotheosis of Kek, spontaneously generating out of the chan culture, The coincidences which predated his rise; the echoes from the past which were waiting for him, The nature of pagan gods, and the different sacrifices they demand, The true nature of Kek; that of Azatoth, the Blind Idiot god, who laughs at creation from the primordial darkness, and: How this fits in with a Christian theology, and what it forewarns about the present age. Any questions or critiques of the above video would be greatly appreciated.

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September 20, at Joe Shipman says:. Tara smiles and shakes her head in disbelief. They want me on site in Africa. Besides, I was thinking about visiting Steve in Southern Illinois. TARA Just so you're okay with it. They kiss, then go to sleep. Jeremy then boards a flight to St.

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Louis, Missouri. Steve is already heading toward him when they spot each other. Jeremy reaches out to shake Steve's hand. Steve grabs it and pulls him into a hug. Steve slips into an airport bar.

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Downs a shot of whiskey. He comes circling back out as if their pace to baggage claim had been uninterrupted. They retrieve Jeremy's bag. Steve picks up the pace.

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People were actually waiting in line for available railcars when I came in. I figured you'd pick me up in some cool new car.


I can't take it anymore. Railcars are great. I'm not as dumb as everyone thinks I am. It just takes me a little longer to catch up. I have a mansion on the beach and thirty million dollars in the bank. Also, Tara and I are married. I guess sending her down to Florida wasn't such a bad idea after all. Did you hear what I said before I mentioned being married to Tara?

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Yeah, right. Cecil and I are buds. Dude, we aired live from the moon to thirty two countries. Did you not see that? The Asteroid Crusher shop would be right up your alley. I might even be able to get you into spacer training. I hate my job at that crappy machine shop. You want to convince me that you're a millionaire and Cecil Millikan's bud?

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Take me to your leader. The St. Louis Arch is.

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