The Double Tongue: With an introduction by Meg Rosoff

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The Double Tongue

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Graeme Davis. Worldly and somewhat cynical, Ionides manages the renowned Delphic oracle like a lucrative tourist site, often fabricating prophecies to soothe the masses. Knowing that Arieka would make an ideal Pythia--the double-tongued Lady, voice of Apollo--he takes her under his care, educating her in a massive bookroom. The novel's philosophical framework is in place: questions about faith and exploitation, slavery and freedom abound, as do musings on human societies and their all-too-human perversions.

But the plot and an underdeveloped subplot in which Ionides attempts to subvert Roman rule feels rushed and inconclusive, and its characters, while articulate, remain curiously soulless. Plus de livres par William Golding Tout afficher. Lord of the Flies. The Lord of the Flies.