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We fully endorse the inclusion of Family Doctors in the Astana Declaration and we hope that this Declaration leads to lasting benefits for the peoples of the world". Many items were also posted on Facebook and twitter. Here he writes an update on Family Medicine in Malawi.

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World Family Doctor Day comes again on May 19 - celebrate our special day this year. Access resources, see Taiwan's poster and a message from Canada. Who is Guus Busser? Here she reports on her experience. He reports on his activities and proposed actions. Not every region's movement will always provide news but each two months we hope to bring you news from some of the regions. Congratulations to our President-Elect, Dr Donald Li, who has been awarded the Silver Magnolia Award by the City of Shanghai, in recognition of his work in promoting and enhancing general practice in the city.

The theme of depression was taken up with enthusiasm. See reports , videos photos from around the globe here. Here are their impressions. He also launched the following items developed in the last triennium. Also includes links to the preliminary program and social event summary. As a result we will be promoting an educational resource "GoodFellow Gems" which are produced by the Goodfellow Unit. His latest is reproduced here courtesy of the Huffington Post. World Mental Health Day 10 October is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy. This year as always it seems World Family Doctor Day has grown in popularity.

The theme of smoking cessation was taken up with enthusiasm as evidenced by some of the posters produced. I am sad to advise that Atai passed away in Kampala on May 5, after a short illness. World Family Doctor Day is fast approaching. We already have some proposals for the day from Portugal, the Caribbean Trinidad and Tobago , and Bangladesh.

Are you interested in hosting a young GP from overseas? The journal Education for Primary Care aims to reflect the best experience, expertise and innovative ideas in the development of undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing primary care education. Find out more about these awards and how to apply. There are also several regional events and events for young doctors so why not join us at a WONCA conference this year? Here we review the items published so far. In order to stay in touch with the medical network, she has tried to meet general practitioners during this journey.

This is her final article - Primary care in Mongolia and Russia and reflections about my future in Family medicine. I am a medical student and like most students I have had a lot of concerns. In in my first year at the Medical School I was disappointed. The University was not exactly what I expected IIn this edition, they tell about two good practices, where PHC is paying more attention to work issues, coming from two newly industrialized countries: China and Thailand.

We have been overwhelmed by the number of activities notified. This year we have chosen to feature celebrations from Nepal, as despite the very recent devastation of their country by two earthquakes, the general practitioners of Nepal made a celebration of World Family Doctor day and used it to pay tribute to the victims of the recent tragedy.

After Vietnam and Laos, we decided to visit Myanmar to discover this country which is known for its wonderful and preserved landscapes, very welcoming population and rich and unique history and culture. WONCA News has begun a regular feature on the subject of Occupational Health -in this contribution, we deal with a review, commissioned by the WHO, and written by our authors on interventions in Primary Health Care regarding the health of workers.

We also have a new logo and posters which can be downloaded. Read the CEO's message. In this contribution to our Occupational Health features, Frank van Dijk and co-author Karen Nieuwenhuijsen present reflections for the GP when confronted with depression or depressive disorders related to work. Dr Dawit Wondimagegn and Dr Brian Cornelson provide an update on the progress of the growth of family medicine in Ethiopia. We decided to go to Vientiane, capital of Laos and buy two bikes to cycle along Mekong river to its delta, in Vietnam Dr Debbie Hipps is a young British doctor who recently took sabbatical leave and undertook volunteer work in primary care in remote Argentina.

Read more about her experiences. Dr Chloe Perdrix is a young GP from France who has embarked on a year of travel in Asia, finding out about working in other countries. Drs Ramnik and Jyoti Parekh have created a scholarship for young family medicine doctors in the South Asia region towards supporting their participation in regional exchanges, global exchange program FM and WONCA conferences. Find out more about Ramnik and Jyoti and the scholarship. World Family Doctor day has generated a lot of interest from around the globe. More reports have been received from Bangladesh, the Caribbean, Lebanon and Turkey.

Well known Swiss family doctor, Dr Bruno Kissling is this month's featured doctor. His work as a family doctor was recently filmed in one of three documentaries made by Dr Sylviane Gindrat about the working life of six Swiss family doctors - "At the Doctor's Side". Amanda Howe's perspective on the recent VDGM forum where she delivered the keynote speech "We are not one - how health inequalities in Europe afflict healthcare, patients and healthcare professionals".

Rich began his service on Executive in WONCA has indeed lost a good friend, a leader and a great supporter. The venue remains Gramado, Brazil. World Mental Health Day took place on 10th October. Family Medicine is a global, international exchange program for Junior Family Doctors and General Practitioners, who would like to experience Primary Health Care in a different country. She now takes up that challenge with her regular Policy Bites column - this being her second column.

The purpose of this summary on a workshop conducted in Prague, is to remove from consideration mistaken notions that these problems are unimportant and of little interest to family doctors and to further stimulate continuing worldwide efforts to help people with prevalent emotional and behavioral problems get proper care. Dr Omneya Ezzat Elsherif writes of her experiences at the recent Wonca World conference in Prague, thanks to a bursary award.

They have made their presentations available. They also elected their new Executive. The latest YouTube video from the Prague conference team is now available. Dont forget Early Bird registration ends May The edition of the Vasco da Gama Movement's Junior Researcher Award will be given to three junior champions in family medicine research.

This document reflects the work at the 5th annual conference of the Primafamed-network. Taking into account the diversity in Africa, not all issues, proposals, topics are relevant to all African countries. She is a serving physician who has practiced for 35 years and who in addition to providing regular family physician comprehensive service including obstetrics, also provides innovative services to her community, to her colleagues in other countries such as Ecuador and through WONCA, and performs academic work teaching, research, quality assurance of exceptional quality and relevance.

Dr Margaret Chan join an impressive list of speakers. Who will speak on "Do we dare to be different? It was a priviledge and a joy to spend some time with an elder of WONCA, whose memory of days past seems unfaded by the years. May 19 is the date for World Family Doctor Day. This year was the second time that this day has been celebrated. Country guidance.

This is a community driven platform for NCD information, interaction and inspiration. WONCA notes that the Declaration no longer includes the specific mentioning of family doctors or any other members of the primary healthcare teams. The prior public draft did include different disciplines needed in the Primary Health Care PHC team, but these have all been removed in the final version signed by Member States. Wehad hoped and strongly advocated for Family Medicine to be specifically included in the declaration.

WONCA submitted four written statements. The participants agreed about the importance of collaborative work among WHO and WONCA to reorient towards Universal Health Care, and bring family medicine as a vehicle, conducting national workshops will help countries to develop national action plans to scale up family practice working in two parallel paths - the fast track and the long term plans taking into consideration, approaching universities and higher education ministries. WONCA Europe has released a statement on Family Medicine, focusing on the educational needs both undergraduate and postgraduate and the policies for retaining and, when necessary, supporting the migration and emigration of family doctors.

The Technical Series on Safer Primary Care is a series of nine monographs, which explore the magnitude and nature of harm of each topic in the primary care setting, and provides potential solutions and practical next steps for improvement. At the Sixty-ninth World Health Assembly Member States officially adopted the Framework on integrated people-centred health services IPCHS and its supporting resolution, formally giving the WHO Secretariat the mandate to work across the organization to support the implementation, national adaptation and operationalization of the Framework.

The new website aims to be a steward for the Framework. Recent outbreaks have additionally confirmed the urgency of building resilient health systems and strengthening global health security. Health workers and health employment reside at the heart of the SDG agenda. WHO is conducting a global survey on the use of computed tomography CT in asymptomatic individuals for individual health assessment to gather information on the current status of this practice, and results are to be presented in Rio.

Margaret Chan, Director General, during her speech highlighted approval of the new programme for health emergencies. The Zika outbreak featured frequently in discussions.

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This document is intended to be a tool for health care providers to communicate about risks associated with paediatric imaging procedures. Call for contributions! Your contribution, by completing this short survey of four questions, will offer new insights into how health systems can be more responsive, accessible and of high-quality in your context. The World Health Organisation has recently updated its mhGAP guidelines for the management of common mental health problems in low and middle income countries.

Comment by October The World Health Organization seeks input to the WHO global strategy on people-centred and integrated health services through a public consultation process. WONCA is concerned about the impact of exposure to radiation through medical imaging, and the risks of unnecessary exposure due to inappropriate or excessive investigations. The symposium aims to bring people together to work towards delivering more evidence-based policy making in health, with a focus principally on low and middle income countries.

Being a WHO intern is a great opportunity for medical students and family doctors in training to develop academic and policymaking skills, as well as to understand how the WHO works. This event was promoted by PAHO. The WHO Emergency committee met this month and it was the unanimous view of the committee that the conditions for a Public Health Emergency of International Concern have been met.

World Health day is coming up on April 7. The theme is 'small bite : big threat' This is also the first day of World Health Worker week. A survey has been developed to incorporate the perspectives of health care providers in this WHO rerpot to be released in Submissions for abstracts and early bird registration are now open. More than 1, family doctors and health professionals from all areas of Ibero-America met in Tijuana, Mexico. Total number of participants was , from 46 countries, from all over the world.

Practice visits, skills labs, walking workshop. The website was recently launched.

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We are now in the full swing of final preparations. More than papers have been submitted and participants from more than 40 countries have already registered. Call for posters and presentation proposals is open until March An impressive list of speakers are assembled for our keynote and plenary sessions. Registration deadline for regular registration is March 11, Japan Time. It will be hosted by the Lebanese Society of Family Medicine.

The three day congress will highlight the latest updates relating to the practice of family medicine via a range of methods. See more about the program here. Here he is interviewed about the situation in his country. Call for abstracts has been extended but still only few days left to submit and be part of the WONCA Europe Conference scientific programme. Don't miss this opportunity! Abstract Submission Deadline: February 7, With this conference, we hope to bring together providers, educators and researchers in the pursuit of improving health care for all rural populations across the globe.

Expand your knowledge of rural health best practices and engage with clinicians, educators, and health researchers from around the world in the Land of Enchantment. Please note that early bird registration is closing January 6 and abstract submission in early January. Kyoto is most well known in Japanese history as being the former Imperial capital of Japan, for more than one thousand years, as well as a major part of the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe metropolitan area. Kyoto attracts many people due to its natural beauty and cultural heritage. She is a GP and chief expert for general medicine at the Ministry of Health.

Abstract Submission Deadline: January 10, Our website is regularly being upgraded for more information and contact us by email at woncauganda gmail. This includes topics for presentations and discussion. Registration is open as are calls for abstracts for workshops presentations etc. Early Bird registration closes December 31 as does abstract submission.

Call for abstracts and registration are both open. Find out more about the lovely city of Bratislava! The conference will be held from May , and this item lists important dates for registration and abstracts. The theme is "Primary Care- complete health care". The conference is hosted by the Pakistan Society of Family Physicians.

The conference will be held from May , The aim of this award is to recognize the distinguished research conducted by WONCA colleagues which has been published in high-impact journals in the field of medicine or health sciences and to honor and award them at WONCA Seoul. Young Sik Kim writes: I am glad to announce that many colleagues have submitted their ideas, and we now have received over 1, abstracts. With only one week remaining until the submission deadline, I encourage you to submit your abstracts today and share your recent achievements.

Early bird registration ends March 31, but you can still get a bonus transport card. Find our more about the seven keynote speeches and note the early bird registration ends February The program and all activities related to the forum, were designed to promote teamwork and also to be a showcase for new, alternative ways to structure and to organize a conference. Registrations are open, some keynote speakers are announced, and abstracts are still open for oral and poster presentations. Early bird registration ends 28 February. Registration and Abstract submission is open for all.

Last Date for Abstract Submission is 31st December. For the vision of future family medicine, we plan to offer a dynamic and stimulating array of scientific and practical hands-on programs as well as special events. Find out more. Anyone can submit their abstract paper in various categories. Brasilieninitiative Freiburg e. Freiburg Alemania. Bright Life Foundation St. Charles Estados Unidos. Brot des Lebens e. Bernstadt Alemania.

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Change Life Organization Kigali Ruanda. Gestalten e. Bamberg Alemania. Charity and support foundation Saules Smiltys Kaunas Lituania. Cherish Foundation Hyderabad India. Child Africa International Moss Noruega. Child Aid Foundation C. Patamatalanka, Vijayawada, A. Children of the Universe Kathmandu Nepal. Children Welfare Talent Exp. Campaign Kathmandu Nepal. Emskirchen Alemania. Christian Youth Association Bulawayo Zimbabue.

Cinema Jenin e. Tuebingen Alemania. Citizens Foundation Reykjavik Islandia. Color Esperanza e. Commit e. Orissa, Bargarh District India. Concern Ambassadors Foundation Accra Ghana. Contact the Elderly London Reino Unido. Kassel Alemania. Coptic Orphans Merrifield Estados Unidos. Council for the Blind Bulawayo Zimbabue. Cross Cultural Collaborative, Inc. Brookline, MA Estados Unidos. Cultural Survival, Inc. Deenabandhu Trust Chamarajnagara India.

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