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The condition remains rare but the NHS is dealing with a growing number of cases due to a heightened awareness of symptoms. In fact there are now an estimated 1 in 4, people undergoing some form of treatment for gender dysphoria in the UK. She was born 18 years ago with all the physical characteristics of a boy and her parents named her Jack, but from being a toddler she acted like a girl. Even the most liberal observer could question the decision of her mother, Susie, to allow such a drastic operation when her daughter was just 16 years old.

But by her mid-teens Jackie was so traumatised that she had already attempted to kill herself four times and her mother says she had to face up to a stark choice — live with a daughter or face the prospect of a dead son. She and my dad have been brilliant. When they both came to terms with the situation they helped me so much.

I owe them my life.

JACKIE - Clip - 'I Will Walk with Jack'

Did she really try to intervene enough? Because I feared for her future. I think I must have been one of the few parents who was actually praying I had a gay son.

'My child wouldn’t be here today if she hadn’t gone from Jack to Jackie' | Daily Mail Online

She had a few dolls which were put away. She got depressed and would sit watching TV, not talking. Then one day I found her hiding in a cupboard on the telephone. Jackie was displaying classic symptoms of gender dysphoria both in terms of the timeline of change and the nature of the changes.

Tellingly, research has shown that males are five times more likely to be diagnosed with GD than females. That was the signal for Secret Service agent Clint Hill to join her in the back. Bystanders reported that the limousine actually stop momentarily. That was to allow Clint Hill to board and finish the job so ignobly begun by Killerman and the "Pink Panther. Thanks to her panther eyes, the "Pink Panther's" peripheral vision was extraordinary!! After the pistol shot to her husband's head, she leaped out of her seat onto the truck of the limousine. That was the signal for SS agent Clint Hill to join her in the back.

Even the "Pink Panther's" hat stayed on her head during springing leap. Was it glued on? At that critical moment, the limousine entered the dark triple underpass without any cameras or curious observers.

Clint Hill fired the last of the 3 shots that killed President Kennedy. The trauma team at Parkland were experts but Clint Hill's last shot just blew all the President's brains out. The Pink Panther's springing maneuver required nerves of steel and split second timing. Hill was assigned to "protect" her so they had plenty of opportunities to practice together.

The Air Force officer who had the launch codes for nuclear war was also in the room. He was waiting for the President to die quickly so he could join Lyndon Johnson. Charles A. Crenshaw was just one of the trauma room physicians who fought vainly to keep the President alive. In that chaotic scene, he especially noticed Clint Hill waving his revolver like a madman.

He commented that the President was getting more protection when he was dead than when he was alive. Here is the doctor's account of what happened in Trauma Room One:. As I turned back to the President, I spotted another problem. Clint Hill, the Secret Service agent who had pushed Jackie back into her seat was rambling around the room in a wild-eyed, disoriented fashion, waving a. There we were, getting ready to work on a man who had just been shot in the head, and we had a crazy man running around with a loaded gun.

I didn't know what he was going to do.

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Hill had failed to do his job, which was to protect the President of the United States. My concern at that moment was that he would prevent us from doing our jobs, which was to give the President whatever chance we could. Crenshaw, Trauma Room One, p. When that doctor was later fighting to save the life of the Man from Minsk, Lyndon Johnson called him on the phone and told him to get a death bed confession from "Oswald. Without an autopsy, the SS grabbed the body and sped to Love Field in a hearse. The bravest of the brave was Dr. McClelland who wrote in his report that the President died from a massive gunshot wound to the left temple.

Here is his report as filed in the Warren Commission Hearings: The cause of death was due to massive head and brain injury from a gunshot wound of the left temple. Warren Commission Hearings, vol. XVII, p. Any shots fired from the left of Dealey Plaza would have hit Jackie first and that of course would be an impossibility. In any murder investigation, family members are usually the first suspects.

The Last Thing JFK Said to Jackie Before He Died

Doctors who challenged the official dogma that the bullet entered the right side of the President's head jeopardized their medical careers. Immediately after the assassination, Cardinal Cushing ordered Fr. John J. Cavanaugh to the White House to hear Jackie's confession. The very next morning, Fr. Cavanaugh, the Kennedy's spiritual advisor, showed up to hear Jackie's confession:. There was to be a brief Mass for family and friends that morning at the White House. Father John J. Cavanaugh, a former president of Notre Dame University and a longtime Kennedy family friend, knocked on the door of Jackie's bedroom at A.

What am I supposed to confess, Father? Instead, she demanded to know how a caring God could "let something like this happen. The hierarchy knew exactly what Jackie did.

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She had to confess the murder before she was allowed to attend the funeral mass for her dead husband. The Latin Church confessional is a veritable license to sin. No matter how heinous the crime, as long as you confess to the priest, he claims to have the power to absolve you. Jackie did exactly that and was absolved after saying the appropriate penance. That was why Jackie could look the world in the eye and deny she had any part in the murder of her husband. She may have believed she was forgiven but her conscience told her that she was guilty.

From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say: Do penance, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand Matthew , Douay-Rheims Version. All Jackie had to do was confess to her priest, do the required penance, and all was forgiven. She was never told to change her incestuous ways like having an affair with Bobby Kennedy—her dead husband's brother.

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